Industrial Coatings

What types of Industrial Coatings does Prestige Apply?
Xlan®, Dykor®, Halar®, Kynar®, DuPont Industrial Coatings, PTFE®, FEP®, ETFE®, PVDF®,    non-stick coatings, chemical resistant coatings, dry film lubricants, MIL-SPEC coatings, Supra®, and Silverstone®.   
Typical uses for these Coatings?
Mold release, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, anti-galling, lubrication, non-stick, reduce coefficient of friction, military applications and numerous other applications.
What does Prestige Coat?
  • Nuts, bolts, and other fasteners for corrosion resistance or dry film lubrication
  • Extrusion molds, plastic casting molds, and injection molds
  • Military applications requiring non-stick, release, or dry film lubrication
  • Parts for petrochemical facilities and equipment
  • Industrial machinery
What size can Prestige handle?
We have one of the largest high-temperature ovens in the area which can handle parts up to 24′ L x 8′ H x 8′ W.  We also have ovens to accommodate smaller parts and higher quantities.
Prestige uses stringent standards to meet your quality requirements.